The Behavioural Analysis of Climate and Security Network (BEACON) aims...

The Behavioural Analysis of Climate and Security Network (BEACON) aims to advance understanding of the complex intersections between climate change and human security, defence, and resilience. We bring together the researchers, innovators, policymakers and enablers for a more secure future. By analysing climate change as a threat multiplier, BEACON+ aims to inform policies and solutions tailored to managing the escalating security and defence risks in our rapidly changing world.

We Study

  • Climate change, defence, and security
  • Crime and terrorism in the context of climate change
  • Climate impacts on vulnerable populations
  • Climate-driven migration and related security risks

BEACON researchers are analysing climate as a threat multiplier using data science techniques like geospatial analysis, predictive modelling, and machine learning to derive actionable intelligence. We engage affected communities and uphold human rights principles in climate and security research and foster participatory approaches that centre local perspectives and needs in knowledge production.

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